Barnes And Noble Nook Color eReader Review (BNRV200)

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Read user reviews here.┬áThe Nook Color is a wonderful surprise. As a long time E-Ink bookworm, I didn’t expect much from Barnes & Noble’s LCD reader. But B&N has turned out one of the hottest consumer electronics items of 2010 and perhaps 2011. The Nook Color offers an excellent reading experience thanks to its retina-friendly IPS display with high pixel density and wide viewing angles. Reading on an LCD has never been this pleasant and my eyes are feeling good when reading in my usual 1 to 2 hour sessions. That said, the Nook Color excels if you read indoors and particularly if you read in poor lighting conditions. If you read outdoors or in very sunny rooms with large windows, an E-Ink reader is your best bet since it looks wonderful under very bright conditions where LCDs fade and glare. Read user reviews here.


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